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Press Release: Mendix Partnership

Mendix Blockbax Partnership

Blockbax joins Mendix’ Software & Technology Partner program to support Mendix Customers around the globe with a low-code approach to connect, visualize and analyze sensor & machine data

  • Companies like Enexis, Equans and Croonwolter&dros use the Blockbax low-code IoT Platform to optimize monitoring, inspection and maintenance processes and to prevent issues or outages of their assets
  • Where Mendix applies low-code to application development, Blockbax applies low-code to streaming data analytics, integrations and operational dashboards
  • Mendix’ customers and partners can benefit from Blockbax by feeding data-insights from any asset directly into Mendix-based apps to start operational processes and supporting workflow applications

Rotterdam, January 30, 2023Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, and Blockbax, a leading low-code IoT Platform company, today announced they have signed a Software & Technology Partnership that includes a seamless integration between Mendix and Blockbax. Blockbax will provide Mendix customers with an intuitive platform for storing, visualizing, analyzing and combining real-time and historical data coming from sensors or machines. This allows business users to convert raw data into valuable information and insights by configuring pro-active data analytics on the incoming data - without writing a single line of code. The insights derived from the data can easily be integrated into Mendix workflow & inspection apps or portals.

Marketplace launch

The newly developed Blockbax Connector for the Mendix Platform will provide a seamless integration between the two platforms, further accelerating the time to value of the two technologies combined. The Blockbax Connector is available in the Mendix Marketplace.

An example of a Mendix workflow application which is leveraging the Blockbax Platform for handling connectivity with assets, analytics and real-time maintenance triggers, can be checked out here:

Royal KRVE leverages Blockbax & Mendix for real-time monitoring of their assets Royal KRVE is a company with its main office in the Rotterdam harbor and dedicated to the rendering of technical-nautical services in the port of Rotterdam. Royal KRVE plays a vital role in the Port of Rotterdam regarding to the mooring and unmooring of sea-going ships large ships and.

With their 24/7 presence, ensuring their systems are always fully operational and being able to plan maintenance ahead is therefore a critical capability for Royal KRVE. Royal KRVE has developed a planning system and CRM in Mendix, and use Blockbax to monitor the operational data coming from their ships in real-time. The motor management data is connected to Blockbax, where this data is enriched with other critical operational data parts, such as fuel level data and GPS derived from their AES system. Within Blockbax ships are monitored to recognize outages or issues beforehand and that whatever maintenance is needed can be planned ahead. This allows Royal KRVE to proactively notify engineers and provide their planning team with relevant data and insights. Data collected and analyzed in Blockbax can also made available in the Mendix based CRM, providing Royal KRVE with a 360-view of their assets in real-time.

Martin van Es
Martin van Es
Development Engineer Royal KRVE

“The low-code approach of both platforms takes away technical complexity and allow us pursuing on our objective performing our operations as efficient as possible and in a sustainable way at the same time. The proactive insights are used by our engineers but also as input for our operations to make sure we are running in a controlled way and as energy efficient as possible. In the near future, we will use this data driven way of working as input for future data driven maintenance schedules.”

Mendix ecosystem partners

The combination of both technologies opens up a new world of possibilities regarding sensor & machine data and the power of low-code. Mendix Partners that are interested in learning more, or want to explore a partnership can reach out to for further information.

About Mendix

Mendix, a Siemens business and the global leader in enterprise low-code, is reinventing how applications are built in the digital enterprise. With Mendix, enterprises can broaden development capability; make intelligent, proactive, and contextual apps; and modernize core systems, while maintaining security, quality, and governance. Globally, 4,000 companies use Mendix.

About Blockbax

Blockbax provides a low-code IoT Platform that is used by companies across industries to optimize inspection, monitoring and maintenance processes. Blockbax provides a drastic different approach to structure and analyze data from sensors or machines by providing easy to use self-service tools that are used by domain experts like mechanics, engineers and asset managers.

The platform is used by companies like Enexis, Croonwolter&dros and Equans for monitoring any energy, industrial & utility assets to decrease outages, lower maintenances costs and a higher customer satisfaction as a result.

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Dennis van den Bos
Blockbax Co-Founder