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Automate your business through sensor and machine data without coding.

Sensors are the new nervous system of
every company


Real-time visibility

Easily extract and combine information from whatever sensors and systems are used to provide real-time visibility into the performance and status of your assets.


Shift from reactive to proactive

Integrate the insights in the actual and future condition of assets with existing business processes to shift from a periodic to a condition-based operation.

Continuous improvements

Continuous improvements

Continuously find opportunities for operational improvements, supported by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Start outsmarting your competition today

By being able to easily assess the added value of new sensor based applications and quickly scale the ones that provide business value you will continuously outperform the competition​.


Improve productivity with 20% to 30%

Remove all unnecessary work from your operations

Automate human knowledge to achieve new levels of performance


100% ownership and control over your data and IP

The data and accompanying algorithms are exclusively your IP

Orchestrate & work with sensor data within one central control room

Reduce costs

Reduce costs with 10% to 40%

Automate & eliminate repetitive work

Minimize unexpected issues or downtime

Blockbax Platform

Any device, any protocol

Connect to any device, any sensor and any API, supported by native connectors and all common integration protocols.

Power to the experts

Powerful no-code rule engine to create intelligent knowledge rules, actions and alerts which are stored in a structured manner.

Make it yours

Combine data from different sensors and configure dashboards including rich widgets at ease and share in and outside the company.

Make applications smarter

Easily integrate systems and applications, BI, Data-science tools, mobile apps, existing workflow applications or low code platforms.

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Start small, succeed BIG


Start with 1 device and scale to 1000s at any time, Blockbax provides out of the box scalability.


Pay-as-you-grow! Easily forecast future pricing based on our transparent subscription model.

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Proven across industries

“Blockbax is one of our important partners that help us in becoming the smartest electricity grid operator in the Netherlands. Their versatile and scalable solution gives us direct value to our business and our daily operations.”

Jaap Kohlmann
Jaap Kohlmann Manager Data Science

“AQUON is introducing the Blockbax Platform for remote sensing of water quality to a large number of Dutch Water Authorities. It's quick and easy to set-up and with Blockbax our sensor data can quickly be turned into valuable insights. The platform also provides for easy reusability which helps accelerating the digitization of our monitoring processes.”

Eppe Nieuwenhuis
Eppe Nieuwenhuis Adjunct Directeur

“Blockbax understands the opportunity of sensors & IoT for enterprises. Their platform puts this opportunity under the fingertips of business leaders of the future. This allows us to equip next generation business leaders with the right skills and knowledge to make the most out of this digital opportunity.”

Gerrit Schipper
Gerrit Schipper Executive Director Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics

“JUVA is a Dutch grid operator that uses the Blockbax Platform to quickly create insights into the performance and status of our assets. The insights are used to increase the efficiency of a variety of maintenance and inspection processes. Blockbax' No Code approach provides us with a self-service environment in which we create our own dashboards and triggers. In doing so, we continuously transform our sensor data into new insights and more use cases.”

Jeroen Gronsveld
Jeroen Gronsveld Teamlead IT / OT

“Blockbax provides TBI with an easy to use interactive dashboard based on real time data from IoT. Blockbax’ No Code approach allows us to collaborate closely with the business and quickly test new and promising applications. We use the Blockbax Platform to scale the ones that are successful which allows us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Jeroen Pat
Jeroen Pat Consultant TBI SSC-ICT Diensten

Focus on business value instead of technology

We see sensor and IoT projects focusing on technology rather than the desired business outcome. Our approach starts with the end in mind and ensures insights from sensor data can be operationalized by your field operations.

complexity & technology
Impact High business impact

Use our expert services to jointly find a high impact business case.

Quickly Quickly get going​

Use our platform to connect and kickstart your project within days.

Operationalize Operationalize the insights​

Determine the best way to get the data insights to your field operations.

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