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From implementing intelligent asset management solutions to boosting the efficiency of your maintenance teams, Blockbax speeds up the implementation of key capabilities to help you get ready to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving energy landscape.

The energy network
of the future

Electricity supply and demand are becoming increasingly more complex with distributed generation, storage, electric cars, smart appliances and intermittent renewables as main drivers. Furthermore, both businesses and consumers are expecting data-driven services that will help them moving towards lower and more sustainable energy consumption. All these factors combined are also referred to as the energy transition.

This transition requires energy companies to take bold steps in order to prepare for the changes ahead. Digital grid transformation, intelligent asset management and bringing a variety of new technologies to your workforce are some of the top initiatives energy companies are taken to prepare themselves for the future.

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Smart energy solutions built
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Data, and more specifically sensor data plays a key role in nearly all the initiatives we see Energy companies take in preparation of the energy transition. Accurate, granular and real-time data will form the foundation of a digital twin. Such a digital twin in itself is the foundation for a digital grid and more intelligent, proactive asset management.

This requires Energy companies to be able to quickly and easily deploy sensor-based initiatives and translate the data in actions and insights that are input for a variety of operational optimizations.

“Blockbax is one of our important partners that help us in becoming the smartest electricity grid operator in the Netherlands. Their versatile and scalable solution gives us direct value to our business and our daily operations.”

Jaap Kohlmann
Jaap Kohlmann Manager Data Science

“JUVA is a Dutch grid operator that uses the Blockbax Platform to quickly create insights into the performance and status of our assets. The insights are used to increase the efficiency of a variety of maintenance and inspection processes. Blockbax' No Code approach provides us with a self-service environment in which we create our own dashboards and triggers. In doing so, we continuously transform our sensor data into new insights and more use cases.”

Jeroen Gronsveld
Jeroen Gronsveld Teamlead IT / OT
Solve issues faster

Solve issues faster

Connect your assets to Blockbax and receive real-time alerts on failures related to short circuits or overloads, issues with the public lighting or safety issues related to unwanted open doors of power transformers. This will initially allow for more accurate issue reporting and will provide all the context needed for quicker follow up by the right people.

Prevent power outages

Prevent power outages

The insights gained through Blockbax can be translated into rules and alerts that will help with preventing issues and allow corrective measures to prevent them from happening. By applying calculations on the incoming data in real-time, potential issues related to short circuits or overloads can be identified prior to them happening to prevent power outages.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection

Blockbax can be used to understand how data from your sensors can indicate potential energy theft. Blockbax will accurately detect the location and moment in time of potential energy theft the moment it occurs which will allow for a quicker response. This in itself can potentially prevent public health and safety issues due to improper and uncontrolled use of power.

Energy Transition
Use cases


Grid equipment monitoring

Smart meters

Smart meters

Overload detection

Overload detection

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of critical assets


Fraud, leak and power loss detection

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