Blockbax for the Construction and Infrastructure Industry

Use Blockbax to drive innovations like predictive maintenance and equipment tracking into an industry that is rapidly changing driven by the massive urbanization and an increasing complexity and size of projects.

Future of Construction
and Infrastructure

The nature of the construction industry is changing, driven by technology, the massive urbanization, the need of a more sustainable economy and by an increasing complexity and size of projects. Construction companies also need to be able to cope with both an increasing market demand whilst having to overcome an ever growing talent gap and ageing of their workforce.

New trends are currently shaping the construction industry—from innovative business and contracting models to new products and processes that are boosting productivity and enhancing efficiency. The adoption of innovative technologies that can change the way the industry has traditionally operated needs to be accelerated and adopted on a company-wide scale.

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How Blockbax helps build
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The availability of real-time data from sensors that can indicate the actual condition of an asset has disrupted the traditional schedule-based approach to maintenance processes. Customers increasingly demand that this type of work is only done when the data shows that the asset actually needs to be maintained and that as a result of this the number of unexpected equipment failures will decrease.

Furthermore we see a clear trend where not only the company that has built something will be responsible for the maintenance but also that the duration of these maintenance contracts are getting longer. Being able to meet the SLA’s associated with these maintenance contracts whilst being able to drive the costs associated with them down is a clear opportunity for any company in this industry.

“Blockbax provides TBI with an easy to use interactive dashboard based on real time data from IoT. Blockbax’ No Code approach allows us to collaborate closely with the business and quickly test new and promising applications. We use the Blockbax Platform to scale the ones that are successful which allows us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Jeroen Pat
Jeroen Pat Consultant TBI SSC-ICT Diensten
Real-time tracking of construction equipment and assets

Real-time tracking of construction equipment and assets

The construction industries heavily relies on a variety of vehicles, equipment and tools to facilitate the construction process. Connect these assets to the Blockbax Platform and track their location and health and optimize the allocation of assets to projects. Asset tracking also helps with the prevention of theft and loss of equipment and in assisting your workforce in finding equipment faster.

Digital Site monitoring

Digital Site monitoring

Use Blockbax to combine insights from sensors for e.g. environmental conditions, energy and water consumption and safety related aspects like hazardous gases or high noise-levels. The platform will generate alerts for key thresholds to allow for quick course corrections if needed. This will allow real-time monitoring of project progress and optimization of working efficiency and safety conditions.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Lay the foundation for condition based maintenance during the construction phase by installing a variety of sensors that can measure and monitor the condition of assets like tunnels, bridges and railway tracks. The Blockbax Platform will proactively generate notifications to start operational processes like inspections, maintenance activities or replacing worn parts.

Smart Construction
Use cases

Realtime site monitoring

Realtime site monitoring

Precise construction management

Precise construction management

Track and trace

Track and trace of both large and small equipment

Automated measurement

Automated measurement of ground levels

Tracking the performance

Tracking the performance and apply proactive maintenance of critical equipment

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