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Give your experts a central control room and enable your business to act faster than ever before.

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The Blockbax Low-Code IoT Platform provides easy to setup connectivity, cutting-edge visualizations, real-time analytics, a powerful rule engine and all the other things you would expect from an IoT platform.

Blockbax architecture

Platform features

Rich data visualization
Powerful analytics
  • Easy-to-use data explorer to uncover new patterns
  • Slice or aggregate by subject or any other property
  • Drill-down on events to more granular levels
  • Give everyone in the company a tool to explore and analyze the data
Rich data visualization
Advanced rule engine
Actionable events
  • Event levels to indicate severity
  • Personalized event subscription to receive real-time notifications
  • Take automated action by pushing events to your own systems (with our API or webhooks)
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Data management

In our generic data-model, your data is modeled into (hierarchical) subjects with metrics being monitored or calculated and properties to provide more context.

Device management

Manage the access keys, configuration and firmware of your connected devices.

User management

Use fully configurable roles together with property-based resource access to create fine-grained roles to define what users are able to view and edit.

Project management

Configure the project settings to your wishes. For example, use your own brand together with the dark or light theme.

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The platform is built to easily connect data sources from different places and provides convenient ways to integrate over HTTP, MQTT and CoAP. Send measurements to Blockbax in no time.

IoT devices

Easily connect IoT devices over different types of protocols.

Automation protocols

Use our edge connectors to feed your automation data to our platform.

Connectivity platforms

Different IoT connectivity platforms can be coupled with just a few clicks.

Streaming platforms

Streaming platforms from different cloud providers can be consumed directly.

Industry platforms

Power up your industry platforms by connecting them to our platform.

Blockbax Security


The Blockbax Platform is engineered from the ground up with security in mind, enforced at multiple levels and end-to-end encryption​.

Role-based access control
  • Authentication and authorization for application users as well as API keys​
  • Group permissions into fully configurable roles to achieve clear and manageable access control
Data protection
  • Protected in transit across public networks using Transport Layer Security (TLS)​
  • Encrypted at rest using use the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm
  • Customer data stored only in EU data centers​
  • Blockbax pursues key independent third-party validations of its security, processes, and services
  • Blockbax adheres to strict security policies and certifications (e.g. ISO 27001)

Web and mobile apps

Increase productivity with the ability to access Blockbax from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Blockbax web
  • Responsive web application
  • Leverage all platform features
Blockbax mobile
  • Native mobile application
  • Receive push notifications of interesting events
  • Quick access to the information you need when you are away from your laptop
Blockbax Integration


The Blockbax Platform provides a wide range of possibilities to integrate with other systems.

  • Use the HTTP API to use measurements, events or other data in your own application.​
  • Synchronize your meta-data with your own systems of record.​
  • Use webhooks to send real-time events to your workflow-, planning- or maintenance system.
Data tools & infrastructure
  • Store data (e.g. 15 minute averages) in your data lake​
  • Stream data from the Blockbax Platform to your system
  • Provide you Business Intelligence tool with data from Blockbax

All the things you would expect

Focus on the things that matter by trusting in a fully managed platform.

Speed and Scalablity

Fast & scalability

We do the heavy-lifting with our auto resilient processing resources and storage capacity.

Fully managed

Fully managed

Do not worry about managing your stack with our proven, horizontally scalable and fully managed platform.

Security by design

Security by design

Engineered from the ground up with security in mind, enforced at multiple levels and end-to-end encryption.

Speed and Scalablity


Freedom to connect sensors with support for all major standards and protocols.

Fully managed


Integrate with ease using REST, and automate in real-time using webhooks and websockets.

Security by design


Use all components of the platform, or only the ones applicable to your use-case, no lock-in and no limitations.

Empower all experts in your organisation

Everything your team needs to act faster than ever before.

Technician Technician

Self-service access to all crucial information and have complete control over when and how you are notified.

Data scientist Data scientist

All data at your disposal via friendly APIs, deploy your machine learning models to be applied in real-time.

App developer App developer​

Let your application become real-time. Create webhooks to receive real-time triggers of events that matter.

IT operations IT operations

No more servers running out of capacity. Focus on the things that matter by trusting on a fully managed platform.

Manager Manager

Have an integral overview of all important events and make the right decision as quickly as possible.

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