Operational Digital Twin + Low Code

The fastest and most intuitive way to contextualize IoT data and create a dynamic virtual replica of any asset to create real-time insights and reduce issues and downtime.

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Operational Digital Twin Explained

An operational digital twin consists of historical and real-time data, related to any asset or groups of assets combined in a single unified view.

The collected data must be clean and contextualized in way that creates a realistic and intuitive representation of the assets in the real world. This digital representation forms the basis of smarter operations that will reduce unexpected downtime and lower costs associated with maintenance and inspections.

Digital twin across industries

Critical successfactors of adopting an Digital Twin


Hands-on participation of your business experts.


Continuous improvements based on new ideas and insights.


Intuitive framework for mapping the real world to the digital world.

Why Low Code?

Allowing your business experts to actively participate in building IoT appplications through easy-to-use self-service capabilities has the following benefits:

Realtime site monitoring

Faster development

Precise construction management

Higher adoption rates

Track and trace

Increased Agility

Automated measurement

Fully managed - hassle free

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Blockbax combines an Operational Digital Twin with Low Code capabilities

  • The Blockbax Context Framework provides an intuitive way to configure asset structures and the ability to enrich these structures with images, documentation and map layers
  • The Blockbax Low Code Rule Engine allows field staff to analyze and review incoming data by configuring rules and algorithms, without coding
  • The Blockbax Data Explorer brings advanced data analytics capabilities
  • Configurable dashboarding and Custom User Roles ensure the right data and insights are available for the different user groups
  • The ability to share real time insights and data with other systems or organizations through our API-based Architecture
Digital Twin and Blockbax

Business benefits of adopting an Operational Digital Twin

Reduce downtime


Drastically reduce downtime and of your assets.

Customer experience

Customer experience

Boost customer experience by adopting a proactive approach where inspections, replacements or maintenance are plannable.

Reduce costs

Reduce downtime

Reduce costs associated with fixing unexpected and urgent asset failures.

Health and safety

Health and safety

Increase health and safety conditions for your staff.

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