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From rolling out smart asset management solutions to start monitoring air quality, Blockbax provides a Low-Code IoT Platform to combine and control a diverse portfolio of Smart City Projects.

Taking Smart Cities to the next level

Over the last few years, many cities have established ‘Smart City Labs’ from which they’ve launched pilots in areas like parking, environmental control, waste management, smart lighting, public safety and asset management. Smart City concepts provide opportunities to increase the operational efficiency of maintenance and inspection work as well as boosting the quality of public services. By continuously looking for improvements of the quality of life of a city’s inhabitants, the reputation of a city will improve which will attract new residents, companies, investors and tourists.

Scaling these pilots has thus far proven to be challenging. Questions related to information security, privacy and operationalizing a network of sensors are relatively new and addressing these can slow down bringing these pilots to full production. Cities will therefore need to create an infrastructure and governance model that is set up for bringing pilots to full production. Furthermore, this infrastructure should support the ability to combine data into new insights and create synergy between the different smart city projects.

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Smart Cities powered by Blockbax.

The Blockbax Platform can be used to structure and combine different smart city projects. Blockbax can be used as a uniform layer over these projects which will allow for combining the data into new insights and services. This will put cities in control over how data is processed and visualized to avoid a scenario where there is a different dashboard for each initiative. Blockbax provides out of the box capabilities to analyze the incoming data in real-time, allowing cities to take immediate action if thresholds related to e.g. crowd control or waste management are exceeded.

Blockbax can also provide the sensors for a variety of smart city use cases in case these aren’t available yet. In this way, Blockbax gives you the best of both worlds: a quick and cost-effective pilot with that specific sensor which lands on a platform that can be used as foundational layer to support future initiatives.

“Blockbax understands the opportunity of sensors & IoT for enterprises. Their platform puts this opportunity under the fingertips of business leaders of the future. This allows us to equip next generation business leaders with the right skills and knowledge to make the most out of this digital opportunity.”

Gerrit Schipper
Gerrit Schipper Executive Director Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics

“Blockbax provides TBI with an easy to use interactive dashboard based on real time data from IoT. Blockbax’ No Code approach allows us to collaborate closely with the business and quickly test new and promising applications. We use the Blockbax Platform to scale the ones that are successful which allows us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Jeroen Pat
Jeroen Pat Consultant TBI SSC-ICT Diensten
Real-time tracking of construction equipment and assets

Smart asset management

Cities are responsible for a large number of critical assets. Connect assets to Blockbax and switch from periodic-based to condition-based maintenance and avoid failures of these assets as much as possible. Blockbax provides uniformity in the way assets are monitored but can handle the diverse portfolio of assets for which cities are responsible.

Digital Site monitoring

Smart parking

Provide services to citizens and tourists that help them find a parking spot that is available faster. This can range from indicating the remaining capacity of the different parking garages in the city to providing a service that will directly guide someone to an available individual parking spot. This will increase user experience and reduce unnecessary traffic in already busy city environments.

Preventive maintenance

Public safety

There are different ways IoT applications can contribute to increasing the public safety. Blockbax can help with monitoring the public lighting to ensure outages are quickly detected and fixed. We can also help with monitoring things like noise levels and indicated of the sanitary conditions of a city. Within Blockbax you can combine these insights into a few key public safety indicators.

Preventive maintenance

Air quality monitoring

Real-time and location-based air quality monitoring allows citizens making better and data-driven choices about how they spend their time indoors and outdoors. Blockbax can help with setting up a network of air quality sensors and provide a real-time view on the air quality in a city. This will provide insights to citizens and can support city officials in looking for ways to improve air quality.

Smart Cities
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Realtime site monitoring

Smart Asset Management

Precise construction management

Environmental Control

Track and trace

Public Safety

Automated measurement

Smart Parking

Tracking the performance

Smart Waste Management

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