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Use the Blockbax Platform to extend innovative and smart devices with powerful visualizations and analytics or transform your sensor-based business model into a Software as a Service business.

‘Smart Everything’ is
happening quickly

We see a rapidly evolving landscape for device and sensor makers. As these markets are still maturing, having new or more powerful devices can bring you ahead of your competition. We believe however that the availability of powerful, affordable and reliable devices and sensors will quickly become the norm. This applies to both sensors but also to a wide range of ‘smart’ devices like construction equipment, traffic lights and industrial production equipment.

This pressures device and sensor makers to look for ways to increase the value their products bring to their customers. Providing digital services that transforms the data into valuable business insights is a great way of moving your offering up the value chain. It will also lay the foundation for building up a recurring revenue stream next to the revenue generated from selling your sensors or devices or potentially even transform your entire offering into a subscription-based business model.

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The power of the Blockbax Platform

Blockbax provides all the critical capabilities device and sensor makers need to extend or enhance their offering as part of our service:

  • The platform is fully configurable, from integrations all the way to the dashboards
  • Blockbax can easily be set up as multi-tenant environment
  • We support all main communication protocols and can integrate with any sensor or device
  • Handling and processing large amounts of data is also part of our service as Blockbax provides scalability out of the box.
  • Blockbax offers a best-in-class user experience

Lastly, our transparent pricing makes it easy to predict future costs and as it’s based on a pay-per-use model is easily incorporated in your own pricing model.

“The IoT Company is a fast growing and innovative company that combines IoT sensors and the Blockbax Platform into end-to-end business solutions for our customers. The Blockbax Platform allows us to focus on solving challenges for our customers in a smarter way, as the platform handles all the technology aspects of our solutions. Furthermore the platform can easily be customized for our diverse customer base and provides us with a best-in-class user experience.”

Junior Kooyman
Junior Kooyman CEO
valuable insights

Bring valuable insights directly to customers

Use Blockbax to connect the insights generated by your smart devices to the operational processes of your customers. They are primarily interested in how these devices can help with gaining efficiency or lower operational costs. The easier it is for your customers to benefit from your technology, the easier it will be to create compelling business cases.

Sell your products as service

Sell your products as service

Selling devices and sensors will quickly becoming a transactional business where price is the primary selection criteria. When combining your products with the Blockbax Platform you can start selling your products as a more valuable service. This will change the relationships with your customers to long-lasting partnerships with an ongoing dialogue around the services you’re providing.

Reduce energy consumption

Support the co-development of sensors and devices

In scenario’s where there is a requirement for a new sensor or new device, Blockbax can be used during the research & development phase to quickly test improvements or new versions and share the results with your customers. This will not only help with quick validations but will also provide full transparency on the progress of the development phase to all parties involved.

Device and Sensor Use cases


Predict / prevent equipment failures


Space and meeting room utilization


Air Quality monitoring


Reduce energy building footprint


Reduce operational costs for e.g. cleaning or plant maintenance

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