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Use the Blockbax Platform to transform and combine sensor data and data from Build Management Systems into an optimized user experience for your customers whilst lowering the running costs of your building.

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Customers increasingly expect that real-time data is the main driver of processes like meeting room occupancy, adjustments to the indoor climate and how / when maintenance and repair processes are started. The associated KPIs are more and more a contractual obligation and the best way to report on such KPIs is by providing objective data. The ability to provide data to a variety to stakeholders is important in the context of a smart building.

As this is still a relatively new and rapidly evolving industry, we see companies focused on technology and on making sure the individual building blocks of a smart building work. We believe that over time, the availability of working sensors will become a commodity and that Real Estate companies will not differentiate themselves on the fact that their buildings have sensors installed but with how these sensors contribute to lower running costs and better user experience.

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The recent COVID-19 pandemic showed the importance of being able to quickly react and develop new Smart Building applications, specifically now for allowing a gradual and safe return of staff to their office building.

To be able to meet these demands, Real Estate companies therefore need to be able to quickly integrate and combine data from sources like the Building Management System, smart lighting systems, occupancy meters, outdoor and indoor climate sensors and sources related to preventive maintenance.

“Blockbax provides TBI with an easy to use interactive dashboard based on real time data from IoT. Blockbax’ No Code approach allows us to collaborate closely with the business and quickly test new and promising applications. We use the Blockbax Platform to scale the ones that are successful which allows us to stay ahead of our competition.”

Jeroen Pat
Jeroen Pat Consultant TBI SSC-ICT Diensten

“Blockbax understands the opportunity of sensors & IoT for enterprises. Their platform puts this opportunity under the fingertips of business leaders of the future. This allows us to equip next generation business leaders with the right skills and knowledge to make the most out of this digital opportunity.”

Gerrit Schipper
Gerrit Schipper Executive Director Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics
Improve the building user experience

Improve the building user experience

Use Blockbax to combine the right environmental conditions with services like room booking, parking lot reservation and colleague finding will provide optimal conditions for your staff, in a cost efficient way. Smart buildings make people more productive by continually monitoring building use and adjust systems to ensure that occupants have the facilities and work conditions that they need.

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Connect sensors that can detect building performance to Blockbax and activate maintenance procedures in time to prevent equipment failure. Blockbax will provide accurate insights that can be translated into insights and action items for inspection or maintenance teams. Basing their activities on the actual condition of assets will boost their efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption

The potential savings vary depending on what systems are use and different types of buildings but there is an energy consumption savings potential in a building of around 5% -35% by utilizing smart building technology. This translates into significant financial savings, as well as a much more efficient and effective approach to meeting corporate sustainability objectives.

Smart Building Use cases


Predict / prevent equipment failures


Space and meeting room utilization


Air Quality monitoring


Reduce energy building footprint


Reduce operational costs for e.g. cleaning or plant maintenance

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