The usage page shows a summary of your overall usage of the platform. This is where you can see how much data is send to the platform by your sensors, devices, assets or any other systems that are connected and whether the data is retained or unretained.

Using usage

The Usage page is centered around showing you the overall usage of the platform. You are able to see a short summary (1) of the number of retained measurements, unretained measurements and the number of series in use. By default, the usage page will show a summary of all subjects, but if desired you are able to filter the measurements on a subset of selected subjects (2). Furthermore, you are also able to select a time period (3) to analyze the usage of the platform over the selected time period. You can use the ‘pause’ button to (un)freeze your current view or jump between periods with the arrows.

Usage overview


Below you’ll find some additional information regarding the information found on the Usage page.

Retained Measurements

Retained measurements are those that have been successfully received, processed and stored by the Blockbax Platform. These measurements can be used to create dashboards graphs, trigger events, perform calculations and all other platform functionality.

Unretained Measurements

A measurement is unretained when it’s either in the future, out of order or filtered out. In the future means its timestamp was more than one hour ahead of current time. Out of order means its timestamp was equal to or before that of a previously received measurement for that series. Filtered out means it did not meet the filter criteria configured for that metric.

Read the integration docs to get a full understanding of the platform best-practices to send measurements.

Series in use

This graph shows the number of series in use. A series is a combination of a metric and a subject, and is considered in use from the moment the first measurement is received, until the metric or subject is removed. For example, the power usage of a specific machine. A series is considered ‘in use’ from the moment the first measurement is produced until the related subject or metric is removed.