The usage page shows a summary of the overall usage of the platform. The page starts with your usage of the current month (1) which shows the number of measurements, series in use and active subjects. You can filter the usage details on period (2) and subjects (3). In between the period and subject selectors (4), you can hit ‘pause’ to (un)freeze your current view or jump between periods with the arrows.

The first chart of the usage details show the measurements the platform has processed for your project (5). The second chart shows the series in use (6). A series is a unique metric and subject combination. For example, the power usage of a specific machine. A series is considered ‘in use’ from the moment the first measurement is produced until the related subject or metric gets deleted. The third chart shows the active subjects (7). A subject is counted as active when it has at least one measurement in the period the bar represents (e.g. an hour).

Usage overview

Keep in mind that the number of measurements processed by the platform are counted for usage statistics. Identical measurements (measurements with the exact same timestamp in milliseconds for a series) add up to your usage. To avoid unpleasant surprises make sure you avoid sending duplicates. All other graphs show (and count) unique measurements.