The Blockbax mobile app is available on iOS and Android. The app is built to keep you informed about events in your projects, wherever you go. Using our app, you can view notifications and events for all projects you are a member of, and optionally receive push notifications for new events.


The mobile app is focused on events and its notifications to give you the opportunity to get actively notified by new events and immediately understand what is happening.

Event notifications

The notification overview gives you an instant view of the most recent notifications. The overview allows to show all unread notifications and mark them as read. You will see the details of a notification and its corresponding event when you tap on one of the notifications in the overview.

Event overview for mobile
Event detail for mobile

In the video you see the overview page, detail page and the actions to filter on unread notifications and mark them as read.

Event detail for mobile

Push notifications

There is a possibility to receive push notifications for new events. Configure your notification preference in the web app to receive push notification on your mobile device. And, of course, you need to enable push notification for the Blockbax mobile app in your device settings.


Your options in the settings are simple and all you need:

  • Switch between projects (only visible when you are member of two or more projects)
  • Log out (you will see the login page once you are logged out…)
Platform highlights