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Sensor Measurement Lists (SenML) is a data format that can represent simple sensor measurements. It aims to be a simple and small message format used by constraint devices while still being self-describing. A great benefit of SenML is that it is a standardized way to represent sensor data eliminating most of the usual integration hassle of converting from on data format to another.


The goal is to set up an inbound connector to parse SenML data.

  1. Blockbax project
Steps to setup the integration

Before you can connect your device you will first need to setup an ‘Inbound Connector’ in Blockbax.

  1. Open the Blockbax web app and go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Inbound Connectors’.
  2. Press the ‘+’ icon or ‘Create Inbound connector’ button.
  3. Select the SenML template under ‘Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)’ -> ‘SenML’.
  4. (Optional) If you wish to change the protocol click on Show advanced settings and change the Transfer protocol.
  5. Press ‘Save changes’.
Configure your subject type

SenML has a standard naming schema that the SenML template uses to map out and ingest measurements. The base name with label bn is used as the subject external ID and the name with label n is used as the metric external ID. When you create your subject type you need the metric external IDs to match the names in the SenML payload. If you do not know what the SenML payload format looks like please refer to our advanced tips for integration templates.