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Okta Single Sign-On

Okta Single Sign-On is a cloud-based identity and access management service.


The goal is to set up a Single Sign-On integration between Okta and Blockbax.

  • Blockbax organization (note SSO configuration is only enabled for Enterprise plans)
  • Access as Blockbax organization administrator (please contact us if this is not set up yet)
  • Access to an Okta account that can manage your organizations settings
Steps to connect Okta with Blockbax
  1. Log in to Okta

  2. Login to your account and open you account panel on the top right

  3. Click on ‘Your Org’

  4. This will bring you to the Okta Dashboard. From here on the left sidebar click on Applications and press Applications

    Go to Applications -> Applications
  5. In the Applications menu, click on ‘Create App Integration’ (the blue box)

    Create Application
  6. Select ‘SAML 2.0’ and press ‘Next’

    Select SAML
  7. On a separate tab, go to the Blockbax Web App and login

  8. Go to your organization from the dropdown in the top right corner

    Go to Blockbax organization
  9. Navigate to the organization’s Settings and open the ‘SSO settings’ section

    Blockbax SSO settings
  10. The top url needs to be pasted in second box on Okta and the second url needs to be pasted in the top box on Okta. Also set the Application username to email

    Set Urls
  11. Scroll further down to the ‘Attribute Statements (optional)’ section. Here add the attribute ‘givenName’ and assign it to ‘user.firstName’, also add an attribute called ‘surname’ and assign it to user.lastName. Make sure the Name format is ‘Unspecified’

    Set attributes
  12. Scroll further down and press ‘Next’

  13. Select the top radio button ‘I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app’. If you want you can give Okta extra feedback, however this is not needed. Press ‘Finish’

    Give feedback
  14. Once finished you should be redirected to the Sign On tab of the Application you just created, here you scroll down and select the ‘Select SAML Setup instructions’ on the right of the web page

    Select SAML Setup instructions
  15. A page should open in a new tab. From this tab you need to extract 2 things: your okta account name and your app id. This can be extracted from the top url which should look something like this:
    For example:
    Would result in:

    okta_org_url org_name app_name app_id
    dev-1234567 dev-1234567 blockbaxsso exk1dzxfwegssVro69
  16. Go back to the Blockbax organization page and paste the following URL: https://<okta_org_url><app_id>/sso/saml/metadata
    In case of the example this would result in the following URL:
    Paste this url in the ‘Metadata URL’ field.

  17. Your SSO is now ready to be used, however you first need to add people to your okta application. This can be done by going to the just created application and selecting the tab ‘assignments’, here press ‘Assign’

    Assign people

  18. In the pop-up screen, assign the people that need to be able to use the SSO

  19. Now everything is setup and you can use the SSO by using the embed link in the ‘General’ tab

Just-in-time (JIT) provisioning is enabled by default. This means that user accounts are created the first time users successfully log in to the Blockbax Platform. Once you configured SSO you are able to define a default role at each project's SSO settings for these first time users.