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Milesight sensors

Milesight offers a variety of indoor and outdoor LoRaWAN environment monitoring sensors. These sensors are easy to install and setup to send data to Blockbax.


The goal of this Tutorial is to setup a Milesight LoRaWAN sensor to send data to Blockbax.

  1. A LoRaWAN sensor from Milesight

For tutorial we selected the following Milesight sensors:

Device Setup

Milesight provides datasheets and user guides for their sensors on their website.

We suggest that you follow the user guides for information on how to setup the hardware and collect necessary information about the sensor.

Connecting to a LoRaWAN network

Milesight LoRaWAN sensors can send data to blockbax in multiple ways. You can either use an existing LoRaWAN network like the The Things Network (checkout our TTN tutorial) or setup your own LoRaWAN network (checkout our Milesight gateways tutorial).


Milesight has created decoders that you can use on The Things Network or Chirpstack on their [GitHub page]( These can also be used to create you own payload decoders. (checkout how to [decode payloads](/docs/integrations/milesight-gateway#decoding-payloads) in Node-RED)