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Airthings offers devices used for radon and indoor air quality monitoring. We provide a custom endpoint which can be used together with their webhook integration.


The goal is to set up an integration between a Airthings device and Blockbax.

  1. Blockbax project
  2. Access to the Airthings dashboard
Steps to connect a device

To set up the integration between a Airthings device and Blockbax perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the Airthings dashboard
  2. Go to “Integrations”
  3. Go to “Webhooks”
  4. Click on “New Webhook”
  5. Choose a “Name”
  6. In the “URL” field put in<PROJECT_ID>/integrations/42996a8b-c672-45ae-8508-4d4a52011282/measurements Note that your project ID can be found in the URL when you open your project in the web app, e.g.
  7. In the “Headers” field add your Blockbax access token as a header, with Authorization as the “HTTP header key” and the part starting with ApiKey as the “HTTP header value”.

Blockbax automatically maps data coming from Airthings to ingestion IDs. Below is a list of available metrics by their external ID:

  • radonShortTermAvg
  • humidity
  • temp
  • co2
  • pressure
  • tvoc
  • light
  • rssi
  • batteryPercentage
  • virusRisk
  • mold

You can test if everything works by opening the Blockbax web app, creating a subject type with the previously mentioned metric external ID’s and a subject with the device serial number as the subject external ID.