Global settings

Aside from the project settings there are also global settings. These settings are found when you click on your account name on the top-right corner of the webapp.

Global settings

Be aware of the fact that the organization functionality is only accessible for organization administrators.


The settings for your account are straight forward. Your account gives access to all your projects and you can change your personal information.


See all the project you have access to. Click on a project to view the project. You can only create new projects when you are a administrator of the organization. So, the green plus button in the screenshot below is only visible for the admins of your organization.

Account projects


Your profile consists of your personal information. You can change your name or renew your password.

Account profile


An organization consists of four main elements that are explained in this section. An important take away, you can only access the organization information when you are the organization administrator.


Here you see your role in the projects of this organization. As an organization admin you are the only one who can create new projects.

Organization projects


Here you find the administrators of this organization. Each organization has at least one administrator and an administrator is the only one who can create new administrators. Be aware, administrators are the only ones who can access the organization info.

Organization administrators


This is a summary of the overall usage in the organization. The graphs and information on this page are self-explanatory, but for more detailed info you can look up the projects usage docs because it works in the same way.

Organization administrators


Here you can update the organization name and see the configured timezone.

Organization administrators