Getting started.

So, your account has just been activated, or maybe you’re just curious about what Blockbax can do for you. To get started, we provide a high level overview of the platform’s basic functionalities and how it can help you take action on interesting events based on your sensor data.


Your dashboard is the place to be when it comes to real-time monitoring of your sensor data. You can easily see how your subjects are doing and take action on the latest events.

Here you see the Dashboard of the Blockbax Playground project with 5 subjects.

Dashboard overview

For a more detailed overview of the functionalities, please see the dashboard documentation.


Configure your event triggers in such a way that events are triggered when interesting patterns occur in your measurement data.

Creating triggers

For a more detailed overview of Event triggers, please see jump to the event trigger documentation.

In the events overview, you can see the events that occurred over time and have the possibility to filter out the ones you are interested in.

Events overview

For a more detailed explanation of the events overview, please see the events documentation.

You can click on specific event to zoom-in and have a better understanding of what happened.

Events details

For more an extensive explanation, please see the event details documentation.


Subjects are the main assets you want to monitor. This can be a machine, office or a whole production line. For example, your bottle filling line and your packaging line can be a subject.

An overview of the subjects can be shown on a map or in a list

Subjects overview

Here you see the subject ‘Blockbax HQ’ which is 1 of the 5 subjects of the Blockbax Playground project.

Subject overview

For a more detailed overview of the functionalities, please see the subjects documentation.


This part of our web app provides a user-friendly, powerful and rich way to view and compare measurements and events of different series. The combination of a subject and a metric is called a series.

Explorer overview

For a more detailed overview of the functionalities, please see the explorer documentation.


Turn on notifications, so you do not miss the events you are interested in. Optionally, you can also receive notifications via e-mail and/or SMS.

Notifications overview

For a more extensive explanation, please see the notification documentation.


You can easily hook up your sensor data via MQTT or HTTP. Your own applications can get data in and out of the platform by using our APIs. The platform also comes with webhooks where your applications can subscribe to instantly be informed once an event occurs.

More info can be found in the integration documentation.