Explore your data by viewing and comparing measurements and events for selected series.

Using the explorer

The combination of a subject and a metric is called a series (1). The explorer allows to view and compare measurements and events for one or more selected series.

The data in the explorer can be filtered by a period (2). Be aware that the graph automatically refreshes as long as the pause button is not active. The arrows next to the pause button give the opportunity to easily jump between periods (3). The back in time button (4) gives the option to enable the comparison mode. You will see a dashed line of the same series which shows historic data of the period right before the selected period to easily compare data.

The raw measurements of the series can be shown, but it also possible to aggregate the data over a certain period (5).

You can add triggers to the explorer to see events that are generated by this trigger. You can only add triggers that are applicable to the series you have selected for the explorer (6). You will see the events in the graph and in a list underneath the graph. Filter the events on status (7) when you search for some specific events.

Using the explorer

Did you know it is easy to zoom-in on the data?
Here you can see a Blockbaxer refining the time-window by selecting a specific period with the mouse to zoom-in on an event. You can go back by double-clicking on the graph.

Zoom-in on data