The platform dashboard gives you an instant view on your events which makes it easy to understand what is happening, so you can take the action that is needed. The subject health shows your number of subjects with a colored circle indicator of their status (1), next to that you see the amount of subjects that are in either problem, warning or info (2) and the 5 latest events (3) are shown below. The event stream shows the amount of events over time (4). The subject trends graph is there to show you the status of the subjects over time (5). And as last, the all-time events show what is says it shows: all your past events (6).

Using the dashboard

Did you know it is easy to zoom-in on your events?
Here you can see a Blockbaxer refining her time-window by selecting a specific period with the mouse to zoom-in on the event stream. The event overview page is opened with the selected time-window as filter.

Zooming in on event stream