Platform highlights August 26, 2020 · 2 min read

Blockbax Platform highlights

Platform highlights

We 💚 fast data, but we also love fast and frequent releases. New features are added daily, and this blog series will showcase our favorite new features. This blog’s highlights:

  1. Multi-line chart
  2. Custom columns
  3. Revamped event triggers
  4. Map upgrade

Multi-line chart

The option to add multiple lines to a chart is requested several times by customers and partners. We are happy to tell it is released! Simply configure your line chart with one or more series, like here:

Multi-line chart configuration

Custom columns

Properties can be used throughout the whole platform. For example, when you want to select a group of subjects for a trigger. From now on, it is also possible to add a property as a column in the subject overview. It is easy to configure and it results in a value for that property per subject.

Subject overview with custom columns

Revamped event triggers

The latest edition of the Feature Spotlight blog series is all about the revamped event triggers. We couldn’t resist to mention it again in this blog, because we get so many positive reactions and we want you to know about it. In short, we added more options and power to the event triggers without compromising on the user-friendliness. Check out the full revamped event triggers blog to get more details.

Creating triggers

Map upgrade

It’s worth to mention that we’ve upgraded the underlying map that visualizes the location of your subjects. The map is way faster than before and it allows us to build cool new features that we have in mind. A small teaser: visualization of historic locations… stay tuned!

Map upgrade

Enjoy using all these cool new features!


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