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Collaboration Blockbax & Breman

Breman Blockbax Partnership

Breman enters into a strategic partnership with Blockbax for their Remote Asset Management program

Breman has closed a partnership with Blockbax for the development of their Remote Asset Management program. Soon, each heat pump can be monitored and managed remotely, contributing to the strategic goal of optimizing management and maintenance within the energy transition.

The technician of the future

Due to a growing shortage of technical personnel and a focus on sustainability goals, installers are experiencing increased pressure to work more efficiently and smarter. Key themes include preventing unnecessary maintenance trips, increasing the efficiency of installations, and maximizing residential comfort. The availability of data from the installations plays a crucial role in this.

However, the work environment of an installer is challenging due to the variety of brands and types of installations, making it difficult to uniformly address the aforementioned themes. Keeping this in mind, Breman has chosen Blockbax as a strategic partner for their project BRAM (Breman Remote Asset Management).

Breman’s choice for Blockbax

Mark van Houdt, Strategic Program Manager at Breman: “Remote management and maintenance are the future. We are increasingly short on technical staff, and with data from our installations, we can compensate for this to a large extent. The Blockbax platform enables us to gather data from different types of installations and suppliers in one central platform. The platform is ’low code,’ allowing our installation experts to easily set up various visualizations, calculations, and alarms without requiring specific IT knowledge. This way, we can quickly get started without a large upfront investment or long development process.”

About Breman

Breman is a family business of nearly 1,600 installation experts who are building a future full of sustainable, technical installations. Together, they ensure a better living and working environment for current and future generations. Breman does this with a nationwide network of 24 specialized installation branches. Breman is fully committed to the energy transition and offers sustainable solutions for people, the earth, and society. They install high-efficiency boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, ventilation systems, smart thermostats, and provide service and maintenance. More information is available at

About Blockbax

Blockbax is used by customers such as Croonwolter&dros, Bredenoord, and Equans for monitoring and managing various assets, resulting in fewer breakdowns, lower maintenance costs, and higher customer satisfaction. The low-code setup of the platform empowers technicians and electricians to translate this type of data into valuable insights and actions themselves. Additionally, the platform is hardware-independent, allowing you to bring together different data sources and use cases on one central platform. More information is available at

Michel Vermeer
Commercial Director